Fossil evidence of evolution lesson 4 answer key

The dinosaur evolution project lets students use their imagination and genetics to create a new dinosaur. A great evolution experiment is for students to make observations of bone structures of different animals. An example natural selection activity lets students mimic bacteria becoming immune to antibiotics.

fossil evidence of evolution lesson 4 answer key

Click the titles below to see a list of lessons for each category. Free evolution lesson plans include:.

Survival of the fittest Directional Selection - one extreme phenotype thrives. Stabilizing Selection - intermediate phenotypes thrive, both extreme phenotypes die off. Disruptive Selection - both extreme phenotypes thrive, intermediate phenotypes die off. Sexual Selection - increase reproductive success. Artificial Selection - humans breeding animals.

Principle of Variation - physiology, morphology, behavior. Principle of Selection - certain traits are more successful for survival. Mutation - change in DNA. Genetic Drift - founder effect, bottleneck effect. Gene Flow - migration, mating between different populations. Evidence of Evolution Lesson Plans Fossils - paleontologists, fossil record, carbon dating. Macromolecules - proteins, amino acid sequences, nucleic acids.

Anatomy - vestigial structures, homologous structures, vertebrate embryos. Jean Baptiste Lamarck - use and disuse of physical attributes. Radiometric Dating - radioisotopes, half-life. Bacteria - archaebacteria, eubacteria, endosymbiosis. Cambrian Period - animal phyla origin, ozone layer. Sea to Land - plants, fungi, arthropods, amphibians, reptiles, dinosaurs, mass extinction, continental drift. Rate of Evolution - gradualism, punctuated equilibrium. Apes - opposable thumbs.

Evolution & Natural Selection Lesson Plans

Hominids - bipedal, Lucy, Homo sapiens. Discover How.I then tell the students that today we will begin to explore the evidence we have for evolution, and play Stated Clearly's movie, What is the Evidence for Evolution. I stop the movie atwrite " comparative anatomy " on the board, redisplay the evolution of videogame consoles, and ask students to help me identify examples of comparative anatomy between the consoles.

I repeat this process at:. Without a heavy cognitive load, they are using images to find patterns in data CCC Patternsand are using models to represent and understand phenomena SP2. I tell students that they will be working with their elbow partner, and instruct students to the right to gather their computers. Students on the left will be the day's recorders, so they must gather the the Evidence Chart. I explain that as they move through the four "stories", they must discuss what the evidence they are being provided means.

The recorder will then write their agreed upon answer on the evidence chart. I tell the students that they will have the rest of the class period to begin their exploration, but that they will continue the work on the site the next day. Note to teachers: Although the students could complete the modules independently, I find that having one "device" student and one "recorder" tends to foster better discussions as they proceed through the activity.

This gives the students a better opportunity to collaborate with a peer to find the best explanation SP7and engage in scientific discussions SP8. I find it useful to collect the evidence charts, even though they are unfinished, just in case the partner that takes it home is absent the next day.

As it is playing, I have students that were recorders the day before get their computers, and distribute the evidence charts to today's recorders. Once the music stops, I tell students that they will continue the previous day's work, and that it must be finished by the ten minute bell. While the students are working, I am circulating the room, ensuring that the recorders are accurately recording the conversation.

I am also interviewing partnerships asking them to explain what they are recording, giving me an opportunity to see how well students can communicate their findings SP8.

In the first part of this video, you can see snippets of the conversation I have with the students. In the second part, I asked the students what they see as benefits and challenges of working with a partner on this type of activity, which prompted a later conversation about strategies to help each other stay on task. This is one of the things I really like about using this website, as it provides clear explanations that the students can follow, and allows them to make connections between the different lines of evidence observed.

To close day 2 of this lesson, I distribute the assessmentand have students complete this individually. This is not a summative assessment since we will continue to focus on the fossil record. The results of this interim assessment let me know how much support the students might still need during the next lesson.

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Students will be able to state why fossils provide evidence for evolution. Lesson Author. Grade Level. MS-LS Analyze and interpret data for patterns in the fossil record that document the existence, diversity, extinction, and change of life forms throughout the history of life on Earth under the assumption that natural laws operate today as in the past. SP2 Developing and using models.

Evidence for Evolution - Fossil Record

SP7 Engaging in argument from evidence. SP8 Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information. Hook 15 minutes.Fossil Evidence Of Evolution Lesson 4 Answer Key For the practice questions, use the terms that follow to identify the type of evidence that supports the theory of biological evolution.

The R Evolution of Theory. Together with our Debunking Evolution book and Student Guide also freethis program can be used for students between junior high and college, and can be facilitated by parents or youth leaders. Evidence that Evolution Trends Towards Increasing Body Size - A new study of the evolution of marine animals has found evidence that Cope's Rule, which hypothesizes that animal lineages evolve.

We'll Help Your Grades Soar. Radiometric dating: technique that uses the natural decay rate of unstable isotopes found in materials in order to calculate the age of the material.

Extinction Events. Grade Level: 6 — 8 grades Introduction In this lesson students make connections between fossils and modern day organisms. Scientists compare the anatomy, embryos, and DNA of living things to understand how they evolved. Show your work for partial credit. Tell students that the scientists in the book investigate things they cannot observe directly, so they rely on other kinds of evidence to make inferences. Comparative Anatomy Fossils provide evidence of evolution.

For this fossils worksheet, students review how fossils form, how fossil age is determined, and what fossils reveal to us. As you do so, answer the following questions on a separate piece of notebook paper in complete sentences. An evolutionary pathway is represented below. Early evolutionary scientists like Buffon and Lamarck used comparative anatomy to determine relationships between species.

This is a great resource for the paperless classroom and can be used as stations, class work, or in many other ways. Radioisotope dating indicates that the Earth is 4.

The foramen magnum the large opening where the spinal cord exits out of the cranium from the brain is located further forward on the underside of the cranium than in apes or any other primate except humans. Explain to students that they will learn about how scientists use evidence to answer questions. Category: Biology. Minds — and not just human minds — bestow on life a greatly accelerated way to learn and adapt.

Give me as much 'evidence' as you can. Evidence of Evolution Fossils Fossils show that ancient species show similarities in their fossil structure to species currently found.

Explain how the chart illustrates divergent and phyletic speciation. Evolution has had its run for almost years in the schools and universities and in the press. Piece of Evidence Fossil Evidence. Watch this video on evolution and natural selection. I play the movie untiland tell the students that today we will be paying close attention to the fossil record as evidence for evolution. Rapid evolution in a world emptied of ecological incumbents is expected if interspecific interactions are assumed to affect speciation rates 4, 12, 37, but multiple factors might set the pattern and pace of evolution, including the extent and duration of ecological collapse.

He relied heavily on fossils, but they provide no direct evidence of ancestry and are only really helpful given some prior understanding of genetics, which was not yet an existing science. Piece of Evidence Explanation of that piece of evidence you may make a bulleted list and.

Even distantly related species, like humans and sponges, can trace their shared ancestry back to a common ancestor.Fossils provide a window into the past. The earliest life. As ofMcGraw-Hill Education is one of the largest English-language education publishers worldwide. As a result, we need to be very careful and very precise in how we express evolutionary ideas. So, fossils are evidence for the theory of evolution. Exit Ticket Homework: No Homework! The study of fossils as well as work in embryology, biochemistry, and comparative anatomy provides evidence for evolution.

Answer key and mini-quiz are also included. The fossil record is huge, but it still has many missing parts. The questions are multiple choice and geared toward the worksheets for each section of the chapter. By the way, Darwin was proven wrong in this statement; he says that evidence can only be found in the fossil record while there are actually several bodies of evidence, each of which independently supports the theory of evolution.

So, B is the correct answer. Which one did you pick? Use another color to underline the answer to the question. Fossils found deeper in the ground are usually the oldest. Choose one of the interactive maps and then click the globe icon on the far left side.

For example, the embryos of humans, fish, gorillas, and several other organisms all look alike. Fossil evidence indicates that a wide variety of life-forms has existed in the past and that most of these forms have become extinct. They appear to have a mixture of Neandertal and modern Homo sapiens anatomical characteristics.

Looking at the six drawings of hominid skulls, ask children in groups to identify which they think is the skull of a modern-day human and which is the ape. Evolution, which started out as a hypothesis, is now supported by evidence from many fields of science.

Evolution of Barbellus adapted from Macmillan Publishing Co. Copy the table — using a ruler! Evidence that life has existed for billions of years and has changed over time. Evolution applied to fish, birds, and beasts would not materially affect man's view of his own responsibilities. Create a scenario to explain how different global hot spots of lactase persistence could be caused by different mutations.

An evolutionary pathway is represented below. Turning evolution upside down. Students learn about the fossil record, the primary type of evidence scientists use to piece together the history of life and to support and refine the theory of evolution.Estimated total time for lesson: Half day, full day, half day one-hour periods.

California Content Standards:. Specific Lesson Objectives s :. Students need access to Internet using Netscape 4x or Internet Explorer 4. It is ideal to have individual or pairs of students at a computer, but the entire class could go through the site if the teacher has a digital projector to show the site on the class overhead screen. Background Knowledge about Content. Not much background is needed. I teach this at the beginning of the evolution unit chapter 8 in the Holt Life Science textbook.

Understanding fossils is a foundation for understanding a key piece of evidence for evolution and how we have developed our knowledge of the history of life on the planet. Activities listed in sequential order. Day One or homework assigned before web quest. Students read textbook sections on fossils.

fossil evidence of evolution lesson 4 answer key

Students complete the left side to the worksheet see resources belowgiving their best answers or guesses. Emphasize that they must try to give a reasonable answer; there is not penalty for reasonable guesses. Day Two:. Walk through class to make sure every student completed the left side.

Get students on website see resources below and go over have to navigate. Students work individually or in groups to go through web site and completer right side of worksheet.

Day Three about 20 minutes. Review answers with students. Show overhead see resources below having students tell me the process an organism must go through to become a fossil.

fossil evidence of evolution lesson 4 answer key

Emphasize how unlikely this is! I have several examples of fossils that I pass around for students to touch and explore. Follow —up. I have them go on to additional evidence of evolution, by taking notes from lecture and textbook using an Evidence of Evolution Graphic Organizer see resources below. I actually print this two-sided, with the other side a on the Process of Natural Selection Graphic Organizer. Students can be assigned to write a paper on a recent fossil discovery: Where it was found, what it revealed about the organism and the environment the organism lived in.

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Fossil evidence of evolution lesson 4 answer key