Cisco 7911 change name

The Cisco Unified IP Phone includes many configurable network and device settings that you may need to modify before the phone is functional for your users. You can access these settings, and change many of them, through menus on the phone. Network Configuration: Provides options for viewing and making a variety of network settings.

Device Configuration: Provides access to sub-menus from which you can view a variety of non network-related settings. Security Configuration: Provides options for displaying and modifying security settings. Before you can change option settings on the Network Configuration menu, you must unlock options for editing. To display a configuration menu, perform the following steps. You can control whether a phone has access to the Settings menu or to options on this menu by using the Settings Access field in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Phone Configuration window.

The Settings Access field accepts these values:. If you cannot access an option on the Settings menu, check the Settings Access field. Use Navigation to select the desired menu and then press Select. Use the keypad on the phone to enter the number that corresponds to the menu.

Configuration options that can be changed from a phone are locked by default to prevent users from making changes that could affect the operation of a phone.

You must unlock these options before you can change them. When options are inaccessible for modification, a locked padlock icon appears on the configuration menus. When options are unlocked and accessible for modification, an unlocked padlock icon appears on these menus, as shown next.

When you edit the value of an option setting, follow these guidelines:. To enter letters by using the keypad, use a corresponding number key.

cisco 7911 change name

Press the key one or more times to display a particular letter. For example, press the 2 key once for "a," twice quickly for "b," and three times quickly for "c. This softkey deletes the character to the left of the cursor. Press the Cancel softkey before pressing the Save softkey to discard any changes that you have made. The settings that you can change on a phone fall into several categories, as shown in the following table.

For a detailed explanation of each setting and instructions for changing them, see Network Configuration Menu. Allows you to set the speed and duplex of the network and access ports. The Network Configuration menu provides options for viewing and making a variety of network settings. The following tables describe these options and, where applicable, explain how to change them. Before you can change an option on this menu, you must unlock options as described in the Unlock and Lock Options.

The EditYesor No softkeys for changing network configuration options appear only if options are unlocked. For information about the keys you can use to edit options, see Value Input Guidelines. In the IPv4 Configuration menu, you can do the following:. Set IPv4 Configuration Fields. Unique host name that the DHCP server assigned to the phone.

Changing Caller ID/Display Name on Cisco IP Phone 7912 Series.

Used only if the phone does not receive an auxiliary VLAN from the switch; otherwise it is ignored. If you change the setting of this option, you must change the PC Port Configuration option to the same setting. If you change the setting of this option, you must change the SW Port Configuration option to the same setting. Allows the phone to interoperate with third-party switches that do not support a voice VLAN.Delete the extension and reset it up. By label I assume you mean the name that comes up on the extension when it is logged in?

Each user will have a device profile set up that will be loaded onto the phone when they log into it. Select a device prfile for a user, and then click on the extension number on the left hand side of the screen. This will present the screen for that extension number, the device labels are near the bottom of that screen.

Go into that users account, un-assign the phone from them, create your new user and assign the phone to that new user. Also make sure you remove any directory associations with that extension. Especially if they are part of a call center. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question.

Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Popular Topics in Cisco. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off? Kyle This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Fletcher Jan 21, at UTC. Hope this helps! DerekG This person is a verified professional.

What version of CallManager are you using? For Mine v. If you don't see that, post your version. Ah - either delete the user and recreate OR - Go into that users account, un-assign the phone from them, create your new user and assign the phone to that new user. These settings are for Version: 7. This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. Read these nextI am new to Cisco Unified Communications Solutions.

I need to modify display name for one of my users. I've read instructions. I've uploaded this file and performed Insert Phones command with override the existing configuration. All looked well, no errors. I've checked users phone and on my phone and his original name is still there. I've exported all phones one more time and no changes have been made to the files that I've modified in my uploaded file.

cisco 7911 change name

Go to Solution. View solution in original post. You should not need to use BAT to make this kind of change unless you are doing it for many phones at once but that may be another discussion as your method should work as well :. Or do you mean you see the old name still beside a line button on your phone?

Thank you very much for your response. I found the information at Cisco website and they said it would be the best solution. I tried dialing the extension from my phone to see what my phone would be showing as display name. I also went over to users desk to see if his phone would show different display name and also tried calling another number to see how incoming call from this number would be displayed. In all instances it still shows the original name. Thank you very much for your answer.

Hi, you might help me with my problem. Or can I do it online? I appreciate your help guys!!! And may I suggest that you start a new thread with your issue rather than continuing here?You can customize how your phone indicates an incoming call and a new voice message. You can also adjust the ringer volume for your phone. Before you can access this setting, your system administrator might need to enable it for you.

Contact your system administrator about minimum ringer-volume settings. Rings and Message Indicator Customization You can customize how your phone indicates an incoming call and a new voice message.

cisco 7911 change name

Adjust Phone Ringer Volume Level Contact your system administrator about minimum ringer-volume settings. Press Volume while the handset is in the cradle. The new ringer volume is saved automatically. Typically, the default system policy is to indicate a new voice message by displaying a steady light on the handset light strip. Phone Screen Customization You can adjust the characteristics of the phone screen. For more information, contact your system administrator. Select a ring tone and press Play to hear a sample.

Press Save to set the ring tone, or press Cancel. Log in to your User Options web pages. Access your call ring pattern settings. Choose Change the Message Waiting Lamp policy.

Access your message indicator settings. Scroll through available images and press Select to choose an image. If Background Images and the Select button are grayed out on your phone, this option has been disabled. Press Preview to see a larger view of the background image. Press Exit to return to the selection menu.Also See for User manual - 12 pages Manual - 2 pages Quick reference manual - 2 pages.

Page of 18 Go. Quick Start Guide. Placing a Call Answering a Call End a Call Additional Call Handling Parking a Call Transferring a Call Transfer Directly into a Voicemail Account Optional Forward All Calls Cancel Forward All Calls Place a Call on Hold Placing Conference Calls Call Pickup Group Pickup Optional Redial the Last Number Called Table of Contents.

Cisco Quick Start Manual 30 pages. Cisco User Manual 19 pages.

Cisco 7911 User Manual

Unified ip phone for cisco unified communications manager 7. Unified ip phone cisco unified communications manager 6. Page 2 Ringing Tone Page 4 Puts caller on hold until Hold button is pressed again. Page 5: Basic Features 2. Connect the handset to its respective port. Page 6: Additional Call Handling Join soft key. This will automatically create a conference with all the parties that are connected see the Conference Call section for more details. Call Park numbers are pre-configured by your system administrator.

Follow the below steps to park a call: Step 1 During an active call, press the more soft key until you see the Park tab.The Cisco ip phone is quite different from the other brands.

How to Use Your 7911 IP Phone

You can read below in the cisco manual all about how to use this ip phone. It has a silver ash color on the side and the buttons clearly show on the phone.

A close look at the bottom of the phone will show you the ports to which the phone can be attached to your PC in the office. This port is the point where it is attached to the central processing unit and can function easily with the intra net in the office. This form of synchronizing of line to pc makes technology an interesting tool in the office.

Changing cisco phone - display name (Cisco Unified CM Administration)

On the top receiver handle is a rectangular piece of glass that shows a red light once a call comes through. The screen shows the display icons and menu available for use. Unlike other flat intercoms, this one is slanted at an elevation of over 60 degrees.

This makes it easy to use while sitting down and you can also view all calls and functions. The general description of the cisco phone can be found in the manual for easy navigation. A close look at this model and you will find two arrow buttons indicating up and down. These buttons are used to access assigned numbers to the phone in use. The second button on the top of the phone is used to make a new call. When clicked, it gives a long dial noise, until the intended number is dialed, then the call goes through.

Right on top of the second button is written new call. The key very close to the up down key on the right has a globe Icon on it. When pressed, it displays the applications that can be found on the phone, such as messages, directory, settings, services and help.

The screen also clearly displays the name of the user if that is needed, as well as the date and time for easy referencing. This shows you the current options application you want to use. It is also connected to a power source needed to keep it powered. This phone brand is an eye catcher as it displays a form of elegance when displayed on the office table.

With this cisco brand phone, you do not need to run around in the office trying to contact someone.

[Tutorial] Cisco UCMA - Change an existing phone directory (number)

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Commented: What specifically are you trying to change? You'll need to talk to them about changing that. Author Commented: Well, I'm trying to change the caller id on the phone internally, so instead of 'front desk' it reads 'lobby' for example. I am using CM 4. The corporate directory allows me to find the new name I changed but when I call from the phone it still says the old name on the phone I am calling. Not the solution you were looking for? Explore More Content. Article Recovering Cisco IP phone.

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cisco 7911 change name

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Cisco 7911 change name